ECSA TB Supply Chain Portal is a regional platform to improve TB commodities availability monitoring and strengthen management of data and commodities for TB in 13 member countries of East Central and Southern Africa Health Community.
ECSA TB Supply Chain Portal
ECSA TB Supply Chain Portal is an electronic platform that will be used to capture, collate, and create reports to disseminate TB commodities supply chain information including stock status, pipeline monitoring and selected supply chain key performance indicators (KPIs). The portal will offer countries and regional bodies’ access to synthesized and summarized data with simple analysis for managers and decision makers to act. Supply chain information such as quantification, procurement, storage, inventory management and quality assurance will be gathered from existing LMIS systems without creating any new data collection system. The data available on this platform will be used to inform decision-making and assist identify solutions to mitigate risks in the short-, medium- and long-term.
  • Improved planning for medicines distribution and prediction of stock-outs
  • Easy and timely access to data and reports
  • Enhanced data analysis and reporting
  • Adaptability to the current reporting system
  • Easier collation of patient and commodity information on one platform
  • Enhanced coordination among key players
  • Prompt management responses
  • Consistency in patient and commodity data

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